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May 27, 2012
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"________!!!!!" You sighed, slowly closing your favorite book. You knew the owner of that voice so you really had no reason to be mad at him. I mean he was one of your closest friends.

"Yes, what is it Gilbert?" You asked the albino once he made it over to you, giving you his ever present smirk.

"I vas vondering if you vanted to join me for dinner tonight at my place." You failed to notice the small shade of pink forming on his face after he asked.

"Sure! Is Ludwig joining us again?" He flinched.

"NEIN!!! Uh......I mean no. He's, um....going to go to Feli's house to do some project, or somezhing."

"Oh, okay! So when should I come over?"

"Just meet me by zhe school gates und we'll valk zhere. I'll let you call your parents once ve get home." You nodded your head as Gilbert got ready to turn and leave.

" 'Kay, see you then!" You shot up the moment you heard the bell ring, "Bye Gilbert!" He waved after you.

"Bye ________!!" Once you were inside the building Gilbert did a quick fist pump.

"She said yes! Gilbird she said yes!" The little bird tweeted to it's master and flapped it's small wings. Gilbird was happy that his master was happy.

(Time skip~!)

You hummed a small random tune as you headed towards the school gates. You just couldn't wait to go over to your BFF's place. Since you were little you, Gilbert, and Ludwig have been really close friends. You all would tell stories to each other, and play games, it was just great! But now that you all were in high school things have started changing between you three. You were still friends with them, but lately the Beilschmidt brothers have been acting a little odd around you. You would notice how the atmosphere would change once you were alone with the both of them or how they seemed to glare at each other once one of the bro's entered the room without the others knowing about it. It was so weird! What was going on with them?!

When you finally reached the gates, you noticed how Gilbert was slightly moving his head around. When you walked closer you finally realized he was just head banging to some heavy metal (although he couldn't do much of it with Gilbird sitting on his head). You stood by his side and waited for him to see you. When he sensed someone was near him, he slowly opened his eyes and nearly jumped in surprise at how close your face was to his.
"Aaahhh! __-________, don't do zhat!" You laughed at his facial expression. It looked like a weird mix of fright, glee, and embarrassment.

"Sorry Gilbert, but it was just the perfect moment. I couldn't resist~!" The Prussian gave you a mock glare, but ended up laughing in the end.

"Ja, you're right. I vould have done zhe same zhing if I vere in your position, kesese~!"
"I know!" You grabbed his hand, making him blush at the contact, and headed towards his place, "come on Gil, let's go! I'm starvin'." He laughed once more and squeezed your hand, gently.

"Okay, meine Frau~!"

(Time skip~! Again!)

Once you both finally reached the Beilschmidt residence you both quickly walked in, laughing about old memories.

"-und zhen you tripped und fell into zhat mud pit! Zhat vas hilarious!"

"Oh yeah?! What about that time you ran into the kitchen table and spilt all that glue onto your head. Your grandfather had to 'really' dig into your hair just to find the clumps of glue! Poor man; took him nearly six hours just to find it all."

"Hey, don't judge zhe awesomeness zhat is my hair! I mean so vhat if it's white?! It makes me look sexy!" To add emphasis, he ran his fingers through his snow white hair.

"Gilbert, until the fifth hour your grandfather started debating whether or not to just shave your head."

"Vhat?! How do you know zhis?!" You giggled.

"H-he told me! Ah man, the image of you being bald was hilarious....IT STILL IS! HAHAHAHAHAH!" Gilbert pouted. You noticed this and pinched his cheek.

"Oh Gilbert, don't be like that. I'm sure it would have grown back." You chuckled; Gilbert started frowning.

"Okay, okay! Come on, let's just get back to reality and start cooking, huh?" He sighed and wrapped his arm around your waist.

"Alright, but you go sit in zhe living room. I'm going to be zhe one making dinner for us." You blinked. Gilbert's never done this before. I mean he's always made Ludwig cook. It was never the other way around. Kinda made you wonder if Gilbert even 'knew' how to cook in the first place.

"Um, sure Gilbert." He smiled warmly at you and turned you towards the couch.

"Sit here und vait; you can also vatch tv if you like. Oh, und don't forget to call your parents." You nodded you head, trying to get over the fluttering feeling you got once Gilbert smiled at you, and brought out your phone. Once Gilbert left the room, and the phone was pressed to your ear, you both failed to notice the door opening and closing.

(Moments later)

Gilbert smirked in triumph. Finally! The woman he loved was alone with him at his house and his brother wasn't there to stop any of his advances. It was perfect! Now all he had to do was have a nice, calm dinner with her, and then slowly woo her into his arms. Gilbert grabbed the two dinner plates and walked out of the kitchen.

"Dinner's ready~!"

"Oh gut, ________ und I vere starting to vonder if you needed any help in zhere." Gilbert blanched. Oh you have got to be kidding me. Ludwig sat beside you with a small smirk directed towards his brother. Gilbert twitched in annoyance, but not without making sure he placed the plates onto table and took a seat on your other side. You flinched as the two gave each other some sort of look. There it was again. That change in the atmosphere. What the heck was wrong with these two?!

"Uhh..." They both turned to watch as you stood from your seat.

"Vhat's wrong, meine Frau?" They both asked.

"Uh, i'm gonna go and wash my hands. While I was waiting for Gilbert to finish making dinner, I noticed that my lip gloss exploded inside my bag. Of course I noticed too late and touched the stuff, so um....yeah i'll be right back!" You quickly ran into the bathroom to leave the two alone. You had to think for a sec.

(With them)

They both watched you run into the bathroom. Well that was odd. But right now they had other matters to attend to.

"Vhat zhe h*** are you doing here?!" Gilbert whispered harshly towards his brother. Ludwig glared back at him.

"Idiot. Don't you remember? I live here too, so of course i'm going to come back." Gilbert scoffed.

"Not vhat I meant, smart a**, I meant vhy are you even here? I thought Francis und Toni vere.....'watching' over you." It was Ludwigs turn to scoff.

"Vatch? As in jump me out of nowhere und try to keep me from coming home? You know Bruder, your biggest mistake vas having Francis do your dirty vork. Toni vas a difficult one, but Francis....vell let's just say, once I found zhe right tools, he started squealing like a disgusting pig." The air grew more tense. If you didn't come back soon, these two would start going at each others throats.

"Stay avay from meine Frau." Ludwig growled out.

"Tch, your frau? I zhink you mean MEINE Frau." They both heard the bathroom door slam open.

"Okay, i'm back." They both gave you a bright smile, acting as if nothing happened.

"Oh good! Now let's eat up~! Ludwig you can go und get your own plate." Said man gave a low growl and went into the kitchen. Dinner was going to be very awkward, you just knew it.


The Beilschmidt brothers each stood next to you as you stood outside of your door. After dinner they had decided to walk you home since it was so late out. Neither of them trusted the other with you so they both ended up walking you home, which was kinda fun, although they'd never admit it.

"Thanks guys, I had a really great time tonight."

"Ja, ve did too, didn't ve Gilbert?"

"Ja! It vas just awesome!" You smiled and went to reach for the door knob.

"________, vait." They both said. You turned to ask them what they wanted, when the most surprising thing happened. They both stood infront of you and turned their heads, each giving you a kiss on the cheek. You blushed crimson. Well you weren't expecting that (not like you minded either)!

"Gute Nacht, meine Frau." They whispered softly into your ear. After they stood at least several inches from you, they quickly turned around and started heading home. You watched as the two of them walked away. As you turned back to open the door, a thought occurred to you. 'You know, they've been calling me 'meine Frau' throughout this whole day. I wonder what that means.' You thought about it some more, and shrugged. 'Oh well, i'll ask them what it means tomorrow.' You slowly walked inside your home and were instantly greeted by your parents, who were just happy to see you home safely once again.

(With them)

The walk home was quiet for these two again. No one else was out, not even the dogs who usually slept outside! It was just too quiet. Well at least it was until Gilbert broke the endless silence.

"You know I vill get her next time, bro. Vhen you're not around at all. So just you vait. She vill be mine." Ludwig gave his brother a small smirk. If anyone was going to have you, it would be him.

"Right. Ve'll see, bruder. Ve'll see." Looks like another night of planning for these two.
Hmm, I feel like this story is lacking in something. I'm not sure what.....oh well! I'll change it later, maybe. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the story!

Picture: Not mine.

Sibling Rivalry 2: Part 1/2: [link] (It's the next chapter, peoples!!! :D)
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Gil: "Umm.."
Luddy: "Ja.."
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Sealand/Peter: O-oh hi, when did you get here?

Just arrived, teleported from Germany and Prussia's house, they were fighting over me, but they can't have me cause I'm yours now
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