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April 6, 2013
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"________, look at this! It's so cute~!" your friend cried out while you slowly peered at her from over your book. You gently placed your novel down onto the coffee table and walked over to her side.

"Okay, so what is it you wanted me to see?" you asked as you leaned against her. She pouted and tried to swat you away, but it was all for not.

"I wanted to show you this." She pointed to the screen of her computer and you looked closely. You saw nothing.

" you want me to watch a video or what?"

"No! Just, wait a moment." And just as she said that a little person flew down from above the screen and landed onto the bottom. You gaped at the little thing while your friend squealed in delight. What the heck was that?!

"That is a shimeji!" Wait, did you say that out loud?

"Yes, you did."

"Oh. Well would you mind telling me what exactly a shimeji is?" She smiled and scrolled the mouse around until the small arrow picked up the small character.

"A shimeji is basically just a little computer buddy that crawls around your computer. See, there he goes now!" You both watched as the small person crawled his way up towards the top of the screen. "He's just so cute~! I love shimeji's! I have like a ton more here on my computer." To prove her point, she went through her files and found one that read, "Shimeji's!" She double clicked on the file and different other shimeji files came up. She looked through one and double clicked it and another character fell from atop the screen.

"Wow," you muttered, "they're really amazing."

"I know, right?! Hey, do you want one on your computer?" You looked down at her and nodded your head frantically. "Okay, when you get home I'll text you the instructions and you'll have your own little dude." With a smile, you quickly walked towards your things and got ready to leave. You were just too excited to have a little character of your own that you just couldn't wait any longer. Time to go~!

(Moments later)

"Okay, I downloaded this and that, so now all I need to do is find a link for a character that I want and I'm all set," you said to no one but yourself. You were sitting in front of your computer and were getting ready to go on Google, when you just remembered something. "What character do I even want?" You glanced at your computer screen once, and then looked down at your hands on your lap. "Well, they're mostly anime lookin' characters, so maybe a character from my favorite anime. So a Hetalia character it is then." You typed in "Hetalia Shimeji" into the search bar and waited for the links to load up.

When they did, you gaped at the number of results you received. "W-wow," you gasped, "I never thought people would make this much Hetalia shimeji's. It's going to be a long night until I find the perfect shimeji." You started to scroll through the various links and mumbled the many names of familiar countries as you passed them, but they just didn't seem to spark an interest to you. When you reached the tenth page, you sighed and decided to just give up. There was no way you were going to find a shimeji that would be perfect for you. You slowly scrolled towards the bright, red X on the top right of the screen, but that was when you noticed something from the corner of your eye.

You glanced back down towards the links and found one that read, "2P!England shimeji". Now you had heard of the 2P!Hetalia characters, but never really looked into them. You had heard that they were psycho's, but others said that they could be nice when they wanted to be, especially 2P!England. They also mentioned how he liked bright colors and making cupcakes, which was definitely opposite of what his original did. You clicked on the link and found a picture of 2P!England shimeji's all over a persons screen, either climbing on the side, the top, or being moved about by a mouse.

You inspected his features and had to admit that he was very cute. He was darn near close to being adorable, actually. You looked at him once more and decided that you'd download him. You scrolled down and clicked on the download button and waited for the file to load. When it did, you decided to get to work. After several minutes, you double clicked the shimeji in one of your files and waited. Nothing had happened. You continued to wait, but still nothing happened. You hummed in both irritation and worry. Did something go wrong? Did you not get all the right stuff or was there something wrong with the file?

You were about to go and check when a little figure came down from atop you screen; landing to the bottom with what looked to be a painful thud. You stared at the character in wonder as he picked itself up. When he did, he stared up at you, blinked, and then smiled. This...was...amazing~! You smiled brightly at the shimeji and bounced in your seat with glee. You finally had your own little shimeji! And not only that, but he was so freakin' cute! You gave a small squeal of victory at finally having a character of your own and turned back to watch as 2P!England sat down and pulled out a cupcake from behind his back. He slowly took off the paper and proceeded to eat, staring at you as if he too were in wonder.

But, that could have just been your imagination. You may have been so happy that you were seeing things. After he finished his cupcake, he got up and walked about the screen, blinking at you and occasionally smiling once his eyes caught yours. He then began to climb up the side until he reached the top. You didn't know why, but you were starting to worry about him falling. You shook your head and watched on. There was no reason for you to worry about a little computer character, right? Right. So let's just watch and see what he does.

Once he reached the top of the screen, he began to crawl across. He looked as if he were struggling, but he continued on, his eyes still trained on you as he crawled along. When he reached the middle you sighed in relief. Only a little more to go until he reached the end. Suddenly, his grip slipped and he began to plummet down. You squeaked in surprise and quickly scrolled your mouse over and clicked. You had managed to save him before he could hit the bottom of the screen. When you placed him down, he stared up at you, as if asking you why you did it. No one had ever bothered to help him, not even his own family. So why you? Even though you still thought it was your imagination messing with you, you decided to give him an answer.

"The reason why I saved you was because I didn't want you to get hurt. Even though people have said you were either insane, creepy, or just plain weird-" a pained looked formed on his face and he frowned, "-I think you're adorable, nice, and maybe a bit eccentric, because I hardly know anything about you. I don't think you're weird; I think you're perfect just the way you are." The shimeji stared up at you in astonishment after you finished speaking and very quickly the tears began to form in his eyes. You blinked and began to worry again. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. Did I say something that offended you? If I did, then I'm so sorry and I promise I won't-" the shimeji shook his head and sent you a smile, tears still streaming down his freckled face.

He then got up and lied against the screen, looking as if he were trying to give a hug. When he began to snuggle against it, you couldn't help but laugh at his behavior. "Aww, you're just so sweet~! You are officially my favorite shimeji out of them all," you snorted, "actually you're the only shimeji I have, but that's fine. I don't mind just having you around. You can brighten up my day every time I return home from school." The shimeji nodded his head quickly and bounced about in excitement. You giggled at him and closed the windows you needed in order to download your shimeji.

"You know, I should probably give you a name since I don't want to continue calling you shimeji all the time." The little guy sat crossed legged and stared up at you expectantly. "Hmm, how about England?" He scrunched up his face and shook his head. Okay, so that one was out. "2P!England?" Again, he shook his head. You sighed and brain stormed a couple of names you had heard of when people talked about the other characters. "Okay then, how about I call you Oliver? People on the internet tend to call you that." He sent you a glare for that one. "Alright alright, I won't call you Oliver, so don't get mad. Well about Artie? I would call you Arthur, but that would only confuse me since most people call the first England by that name. I think Artie would be nice because it's just a cuter nickname of your real name."

The little guy tilted his head as if he were thinking about it, and after a bit of thinking he finally decided that he would officially be known as Artie. He nodded his head to you and you grinned. "Great! It's nice to meet you, Artie. I'm ________." Artie smiled and stood up to give you a gentlemanly bow in greeting. You laughed at him and looked down at the clock. You gaped at the time and quickly shot out of your seat. "Oh no! I need to go to bed or I'll be late for school tomorrow!" You went to your computer and proceeded to shut it down. "Good night, Artie. I'll see you tomorrow when I get home." He looked at you pitifully as you clicked the shut down button, but then smiled. He knew he'd see you again. You did promise after all.

When your computer shut off, you strolled over to your dresser drawers to pull out your pj's. After you were dressed, you climbed into bed and immediately went to sleep. A couple of minutes ticked by as you dreamed of strange and wondrous things. The sound of crickets chirped into the night alongside the sound of static. Wait, static? The speakers from beside your computer popped and screeched lowly while you slept and as if the crickets sensed the presence from within your home, they instantly stopped playing their nightly song. And while the speakers wailed, a voice spoke up in a cheery whisper. "Good night, poppet~!" The static then fell into complete and utter silence.
Ugh, I swear I got lazy with the ending here. =_= But that's okay, I have an excuse as to why I was lazy. Well, it was more like I was too tired to come up with anything good. When I'm sleepy, my mind starts to go blank and I want nothing more than to close my eyes. My obvious inspiration for this story was from this video Pacthesis made. [link] Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this random idea of a story! :icon2penglandplz:

Image rightfully belongs to Beek! :D
To prove it, go her to her deviant art account: [link]
Or her to her ask blog on Tumblr: [link]

Next: [link]
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Awesome story!!!~
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Adorable~ And I love how right when I read the title I wondered what a shimeji was and then bam! You answered me!
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The end creeped me out
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